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Solido’s history starts in the beginning of the 30’s. During this time, Solido’s founder, Ferdinand de Vazeilles, ran the Fonderie de Précision de Nanterre, a company specialized in die-casting injection. His company produced parts for the automobile and aviation industries. He decided to launch a promotional item which looked like a spark plug. Reserved for the Gergovia-Pingeot company, this model gave lots of ideas to Ferdinand de Vazeilles who filed a patent in 1932 to make toys in die-cast. Solido is born!

Since this time, the “Gergovia’s spark plug” is the symbol of the Solido brand. It was reproduced for  several occasions, including for members of the first Club Solido in 1987. Again in 1997 for the 65th anniversary of the brand. This year, we will launch a new version with a new color to celebrate the Club Solido’s return.

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